The Fall Before It’s Much Colder

Hey, I just watched a very interesting video on cob ovens. This woman went into detail during the video about a ‘simple’ construction for a cob oven. She made it look so easy and almost carefree in her approach. Midway through the video I thought, umm that’s a lot of dirt and forming. My thoughts at the end of watching the video- the pizza they were baking sure looked tasty.

So building a cob oven isn’t in the cards for me just yet. Still I have that burning desire to get going on an early fall project that lends itself to be useful for awhile after the season has come and gone. I love my crafty ‘let me try this ideas” but I yearn for something more sustainable. Enter the idea to construct a temporary (mobile) brick oven. Tada!

Here is where the photo should be, but I am without any photos because- guess what? Yes, I know you figured this out already- I did not construct it as of yet.  I mean, I gathered cinderblocks, chimney bricks and piled them in an area away from the house and stacked them in a four by four form too. Unfortunately, I ended up not having enough bricks and not having an internet connection to go back and study the plans I found online. I guess my memory isn’t what it used to be because, in the old days I could have watched  a how-to video or read a 400-word article and put that info directly to good use. These days I get tripped up by some pretty simple interruptions.

It seems I will need to gather a old steel bedframe, clay bricks and something I can use for a platform. I think, GardenFork TV states that a fireboard should lay between the base (can be an old table or what have you) and the brick base. No cement or anything is needed, it is fully portable. I went to Lowe’s in the next town over to price out fire boards. Sniffle, Lowe’s doesn’t have fireboard, figures. That helped to slow down the gathering of the supplies. My days of running around back and forth are o-v-e-r. That is why I kinda get into the country lifestyle. I get to cluck around, flap my whatevers and lounge as needed.

Between the chickens watching my every move, walking and clucking about my feet and occasionally pecking at them and never mind the dogs. Did I mention the cats? It’s like old MacDonald’s farm minus the E-I-E-I-Os.

The roof of the house was recently started and the flashing still remains unattached. The property owners will be returning soon to take care of that. In the meantime, I have a messy grass-leafy lawn. I spend time splitting time between staring at my heap of organized clay bricks (you must use clay bricks for a portable oven, not regular bricks) and the pick up around the yard.

This must mean I am procrastinating.  Maybe even a little country down too.  It’s cooler, leaves are falling and the chickens are giving up- two or three eggs a day. Sometimes I get lucky with that one lone egg.  I think the girls are looking at me like hey, don’t take that away-its mine. I think they would be broody and not allow me to readily take it, so they are happy I guess, to let me steal the lonesome egg.

Now, if only they could help increase my motivation and move some bricks around!  ( Posting photos soon of both the flock and the makeshift portable oven). To check out the video of this fantastic outside portable quick “build” oven, you tube search “gardenfork tv”- absolutely love this guy’s videos!



Published on Oct 1, 2013

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