So God Made a Farmer …

Reader Contribution by Mary Murray
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To me, the poetic words of Paul Harvey’s, So God Made a Farmer are astonishingly accurate and timeless.

While farming dreams run deep with so many of us, the reality of the life that a full-time farmer leads is often different than many imagine. Farmers excel in courage, grit, hope, and determination. And, while I’m not one for recalling many commercials, Mr. Harvey’s words paired with a simple slideshow of inspiring still photos made this particular commercial one I’ve not forgotten. I hope you’ll take a minute to click the link and take a look and listen … even if you’ve seen it before. And if you can make it through to the end and not tear up, you’re a stronger person than I am!

So God Made a Farmer

My husband grew up on a 100-acre farm: livestock needed to be cared for, hay baled and stacked (on what seemed to be the hottest days of the year), and always they were at the whim of Mother Nature. The days were long and sometimes the lessons hard, but along with such days were moments of inspiration and gratitude. Animals they thought were lost miraculously recovered; dark clouds filled with rain blew in to break what would have been a devastating drought; and, as he’s quick to tell us, he’ll never forget the laughter and closeness he felt working alongside his dad.

Harvest-time … a season in itself that teeters somewhere between the languid days of summer and the first scent of autumn’s wood smoke. In a time when so much changes, it’s good to know that some things always endure. It’s a busy season, and we feel the subtle differences; we are gathering, gleaning, and putting by. In our part of the Midwest harvest-time is in full swing, and as I watch the combines working late into the night, I’m reminded, “so God made a farmer.”

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