Plotting, Planning and Wondering How to Do it All

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I always approach spring with a topsy-turvy feeling. I love the break wintertime provides … a slowing of farm chores and the anticipation of school snow days, a crackling fire and endless movie marathons with the kids. And although it is definitely time to do away with the dust bunnies, I wonder how I’ll fit it all in … trimming, tilling, planting, weeding, mowing, raking. How will I balance both the indoor and outdoor must-do’s?

I plot. I plan. I obsess.

And yet today, as the temperature warmed up to 80 degrees, I stopped, and took the time to let it all sink in. The farmers were in their fields, and the scent of freshly-turned earth was in the air. Soon it was paired with the fragrance of just-mowed grass. Honeybees were buzzing around our peach blossoms, and as I looked closer, they were loaded down with the prettiest pink pollen.

We are so blessed to be caretakers of this farm. For over 152 years it has stood, first as a dairy farm, then as a horse farm. These days a gaggle of goats, chickens, honeybees, barn cats, and a faithful guard dog call it home.

Oh sure, there is still much to do, and the work never seems to be completely done, but my mother-in-law gently encourages me to remember, this is the best time of my life. She’s right … it’s quiet moments like these when I fully appreciate what’s around me.

And yes, I will still fret about all that needs doing, but for today, I dusted off my garden journal, and I’m plotting and planning a few new flower gardens around this old house.

What do you think?

And that, my friends, makes whisking away the dust bunnies a lot easier!

Mary is a Midwest farmgirl who enjoys the simple pleasures of living in the country. “For us, living where there is plenty of room for gardens, animals, and for kids to play and explore is the best kind of life.” You can visit Windy Meadows Farm here, Windy Meadows Farm.