Not a Fair Entry But We Get to Eat the Excess

Reader Contribution by Joan Pritchard
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My friend Barb is the best canner I know. She specializes in tomatoes and pickles, peaches, apples, jams and jellies. While I might opt for freezing produces, she chooses to “put up” her excess. She doesn’t enter examples into the state fair, which she should, but the good thing is we get to eat the rejects.

Although I hate paperwork, I am happily hunkered down this evening over the entry form for the state fair. Perhaps it is an expression of my early yearning to belong to 4-H.

My own mother felt her skills were too “common” for a fair entry, but we loved to browse the domestic arts building, envious of the products of those who did enter. I still enjoy those perfectly canned peaches (how DO they do it?), gorgeous baked bread, truly round cookies that really are 2.5 inches, and cakes I would love to steal. I am a fool for the knitted shawls, beautiful quilts, and all the crafts made by kids and those who are kids at heart.

I hope others are considering making an entry, or if not so inclined, planning to go and admire with the rest of us. My own favorite building houses the competition fruits and vegetables, although I have no idea what one would do with a 485-pound pumpkin.

I love the farm equipment displayed, the vendors, the fish and game exhibit – and is there any other place that affords such good people watching?

And food! Fried cheese curds, Snickers bars, turkey legs, double fried burgers, and 2-foot hot dogs! Just give me a glass of water with ice, please!

If a person loves farm living, then there is something for you at the fair. I’m going, my entry is going, and I’m taking a friend. Hope to see you there.

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