Never One Rejected

By Eileen
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I love the sheep story of one that was lost, 
A good shepherd will find it, whatever the cost! 
Do you think sheep pray when they’re lost and scared? 
Let’s say that they do, and God answers their prayers. 
God does answer prayers … I’m living proof, 
I’ve lived a time without even a roof … 
Through that trying time, my faith yes, it wavered some. 
To this I’ll admit – thought “God, when will it come?” 
“When” is this time that I’ve been told about You? 
C’mon, God, “Now … show me what to do!” 
“Stay strong in your faith, it’s a reflection of Me”…
But God, give me a glimpse of the time that I’ll be, 
Finished with this test – this proclamation to obey. 
I’ve done it all God – heard all You had to say!
Just let me have a place of my own to lay my head. 
He replied, “Remember My Son? … Remember His bed?” 
With this I pondered, how can I learn more and better understand
The works of our Lord, the passing over of His hand? 
“Go to My Word” was His simple reply –
“The answers are there, the reasons why …”
The trials you profess to not be able to endure,
Match not the isolation of a learned lesson for sure!
Sometimes to proceed, we need to omit –
Friends, loved ones, possessions, give up every bit …
You see the giving up or giving of ourselves is
God’s request for us all, after all we’re all His! 
Through this obedience He sees our true heart,
He sees that we get it – we’re willing to start …
Really believing in answers that we request in prayer,
In essence he says, “My child, my child, they’ve always been there!” 
So in times of trial, our first thoughts should be
Ones of comfort knowing God’s got us covered and that He … 
Will never forsake us – leave us unprotected …
No one sheep left astray,
Never one rejected.

The Lost Sheep by Alford Soord (1898) | courtesy Transformations and Whispers,