Marriage on the Homestead

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We recently celebrated our seventh wedding anniversary, and it has me reflecting on our life and marriage. I certainly never imagined living this life on our own little homestead. Now we are growing our own food and raising chickens. We also have our own backyard pond. We were apartment dwellers when we first married, but even at that time, my husband grew food on our patio. I think he has always had the heart of a homesteader.

From our wedding day.

We don’t necessarily have a traditional marriage. We make our own rules and it works for us. We do our own laundry and we share housekeeping and cooking duties. We are a team. Since he has the green thumb, I let him take care of the gardening, but I help on occasion. He has big dreams for more land and more of everything.

Even though he is the one who wanted chickens, I have ended up being the primary caregiver for them. I am more protective of them than he is and so it works out for me. Since I am up with the chickens, I end up feeding the fish in the morning, too. He usually takes care of the fish in the evening.

Marriage is hard, but if both people are 100-percent committed, there is no reason it can’t work out. It is important for us to build each other up, and we don’t talk bad about each other to other people. My husband is incredibly supportive of me and always wants to help me succeed. I am protective of him and I want the best for him. We daily say, “I love you.” It is nice to have a best friend and confidant.

I am very sensitive to the things that make for a bad marriage. It breaks my heart when I hear of people breaking up and I pray for marriages I know are struggling. I am always thinking about ways to strengthen my marriage. It is important for me to be a good wife. Failure is not an option for us. When it comes to my marriage, I don’t want to be complacent.