Is Self Suffiency Being Attacked?

Reader Contribution by Jim Baker
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WOW!! I am the kid that used to throw rocks at hornets nests and may be again. I always do my best to understand the definition of what I am writing about, if for no other reason than to educate myself to make sure it is what I think it is.

Self-sufficient: adjective; needing no outside help in satisfying one’s basic needs, especially with regard to the production of food.

Sustainability: noun; the ability to be sustained, supported, upheld, or confirmed. Environmental Science: the quality of not being harmful to the environment or depleting natural resources, and thereby supporting long-term ecological balance.

So now I know I am pretty much on the same page as Mr. Webster, give or take a syllable or two. And these two things are what drove our grandfathers, great- and great-great-grandfathers to do what they did so we can do it now. And yet in the past few days I have seen and read where this very movement is under attack. Is it? I don’t know, yet I am seeing, hearing and reading all sorts of things where it is. Zoning changes, water restrictions, even simple things like requiring permits (which can be denied quite easily and legally) all affect our ability to do what we want to do. Yet in doing what we want to do, are we not easing the burden (in many cases) on an already straining infrastructure?

Something on the news just two days ago was a young man in Huntsville (the state was not mentioned that I recall), a military vet, living on 3 acres, and 100% off the grid, living in a mobile home. And if I recall he permitted to place his home on the property or it was already there, regardless, now the city is coming down on him stating he cannot have a mobile home inside the city limits (they let it go in remember) and if he stays he will be arrested — for trespassing!

There was a short YouTube video I watched about Colorado changing zoning laws so people that are ‘homesteading’ and living off grid are doing so illegally and the state can take their land if they do not comply.

Is all this true? I really do not know. If any of you have firsthand knowledge of this I would love to hear from you. I see I have already filled one page with this soap box head scratching. So there will be more coming I assure you.

And how far will ‘control’ from the government, at any level, go before it makes us all wonder what happened to our ability to live our lives unencumbered by the decisions of others? Where we can decide to grow our own food, our own livestock, to hunt and fish if we want and obey the law?


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