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Reader Contribution by Liberty V Justice
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I prayed to God to help me serve the world. I just wanted others to know His love. But while I was getting my Masters in writing from Newburgh Seminary, I had the worst Job trials of my life. Read Job — it’s kinda scary, but when you realize the purpose of it is to make your faith stronger, you’ll want to be educated. Although you really can’t know the Bible unless you have had to live it. It’s like reading the Army Survival Guide while you’re in Basic Training. It’s practically meaningless until you get into battle.

When you are thrown into the fire like I was these past few years, you can do two things: fight for your faith and start thriving by truly living God’s Word or you can give up and die, literally. I was diagnosed with cancer again last year. I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis several years ago. In truth, I did almost die. Last December, I seriously considered suicide and for the first time in my life, I knew that I was going to do it, because I didn’t tell anyone.

I knew the only way for me to heal was to get alone with God, but it was practically impossible because there was always someone home at my mother’s where I stayed for two months after losing my home due to weather. I prayed and prayed, and finally the answer: Violence against my body that eventually DID cripple me. I left and have been traveling around homeless for the past two years. (It was my choice at first — to get away from violence — now people will simply not pay me for any work that I do.) I have applied for jobs and I cannot get “a job” (I have a career) because I went to seminary. I created a business for God and myself — to help others, which didn’t get off the ground yet, because I thought the best business plan was to give all the food away for free to show the love of Christ and also to help my business. Celiac’s Conquering Cuisine’s purpose to show Christ’s love and prove He does heal! Praise God! I am not only walking again, I am running! I’m so grateful I want to help others, and one plan I have is starting college funds for people who can’t afford it.

Maybe I DID make a huge mistake, but if caring about others and giving all I have in everything I do is a mistake, I will never “learn my lesson.” Loving others without expectations and giving my best no matter what my situation is who I am. And if I have to die because I love Jesus? Praise God! Because at least someone loves Him! Why not be that someone instead of asking or telling or preaching to others to do it? I have stayed alive only to prove God’s point — that living the Gospel is the only way to true riches and prosperity — and to help others as soon as God refines me enough to beat homelessness myself.

I have specific people I wanted to help, like my family. There are people I want to encourage and inspire by living a good, successful life in the Lord. I want to show people you can be happy in life. You can do it by living your life passionately getting paid for your purpose. It takes a lot of hard work, but it pays off and in the end, it doesn’t feel like work, because it’s what you love. Besides, at least you know you never gave up on yourself and you never let anyone make you believe “you can’t” as many still try to tell me. I just pray for them, because it’s sad how many (almost all) people gave up on themselves like I once did.

I have spent a lot of time these past two years in grocery stores, whole foods stores, restaurants, and talking to people about food, and natural health remedies and preventions, and showing them godly love. I have met a lot of people who work with food. Few have the kind of passion and intensity I do for life, but I have felt some very strong love from people and I have never forgotten any of you!

One of the things I hate the most is shopping. It drains me of my money, energy, time and stifles my creativity. It keeps me away from doing the things I love.

That’s why I partnered with Thrive Market — and you can too. Go to this link to learn how you can help others discover healthy food, and get paid to live your passion!

For every person that signs up, I will be paid 25 dollars. I have to wait 30 days because they get a free membership for the first 30 days. I do all this for all of you! I want to inspire everyone to love themselves and others more, and help each other. Love ain’t what you say, it’s what you do, so let’s do it! Thank you everyone for your inspiration!

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