First Time Archery Adventure

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For quite some time I have been interested in learning archery. Money is always a factor in every new thing that I would like to try, so I was excited to see that my Texas state park offered introductory lessons for nothing more than the cost of the park entrance fee. They also provided all of the equipment.

Initially, I was unable to attend a class because it was always on a day when I had prior commitments. They finally offered it on a day when I could go and then it was rained out. Finally, they offered it again on a day that I could go and after several days of rain, it was a beautiful day for it.

My husband took our puppy for a hike while I did the lesson. The original site for the lesson was pretty much washed out, so we had to move to a new location.

It was a little bit of a trek to get there, but I am always happy to get some exercise in when I can do so. There were two family groups and then me there for the lesson.

I was concerned that I would be very bad at archery and not able to hit the targets at all. I was glad that was not the case. The instructors did a good job of walking everybody through it all step by step.

The program that the park used is the Texas National Archery in the Schools Program (NASP). It is a program that provides international style target archery training in schools.

The Texas NASP program provides the training from 4th-12th grade in physical education classes. Texas Parks and Wildlife sponsors the program.

When I was in school, we moved around quite a bit. I never really got involved in extra curricular activities.

Now is my time to try new things. I love finding new adventures and learning opportunities.

I liked that we had a small class. It meant that we had multiple opportunities the practice.

We had two teams and did a little bit of competing. I was worried about being a weak link, but surprisingly I was not.

I only missed the target one time. The time I missed, I was aiming high because of the particular exercise, so I didn’t really feel too badly.

The time went by too quickly. I really was wanting to practice so much more.

One of the instructors said that archery is addictive. I could see how that could be true.

I like doing the archery on the Nintendo Wii, but the real life activity is better for sure. I would love to get my own bow and arrows.

My husband said that we could set up targets in the yard. I definitely want to do that.

Learning archery is just the latest in my learning adventures. I certainly think you are never too old to learn and I love to exercise my brain as well as my body.

Often times my brain doesn’t work as well as I wish it would. I am glad that it cooperated enough for me to enjoy a lovely morning learning a new skill.

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