A Return With Changes

Reader Contribution by Jacqueline Wilt, R.N. and C.E.M.T.
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Well, I have not written for quite some time. Life has a way of making our time go by so fast. So, there are lots of changes at our ranch.

We no longer raise registered boer goats. We still have a couple of does we raised from our own stock, but the rest are gone. I miss them, for sure. But the two we have now are bottle-fed twins who spent the beginning few days in our house and are certain they are neglected children since they are now relinquished to the barn. They are full of character. I’m sure they will make the blog pages soon!

My job has changed. I am currently working at our local health department as a county health nurse. I live in a very rural area in Kansas and I provide health services and education to the local population.

Our daughter is growing up! She is now in kindergarten and loving life as a “farm kid.”

My husband was diagnosed with End Stage Renal Disease as a result of Berger’s Disease. He is now on dialysis, which he does at home. Many changes are due to that huge lifestyle change for us, and learning how to deal with those challenges. As a result, my husband will need to shift gears and change careers. He currently owns his own construction business. His physical limitations are not going to allow that to continue. We are working on starting up an old business that he used to work for. More on that as it develops … it will be an exciting change for us and hopefully an interesting study in how a business can help a rural community!

Since there have been so many newly introduced time-consuming changes in our lives, I decided to give up being a member of the Wild Women of the Frontier. This group was such fun, traveling around and performing at events all over the state … but my family didn’t get to participate much. We, as a family, decided to focus on our ranch and on doing things with the horses that we could all enjoy. Trail riding and teaching Kate the finer points of becoming a skilled horsewoman are at the top of that list.

My plans for the future of our ranch include some big projects that readers will surely enjoy. We plan to build a root cellar and a smokehouse. We will chronicle the process here! I am also passionate about herbs and their medicinal uses … so I am working to start a raised-bed herb garden. The inevitable struggles and fruits of our labor will be shared! I’ll try to throw in some horse-related stuff, too, since that is my real love. I am a Certified Equine Massage Therapist, and I have some regular clients that are quite photogenic! And we are at the center of a new Mounted Search and Rescue group as well as working on starting a new equine fair and expo!

Whew! That sure sounds like a lot! So, keep checking back with me! It’s sure to be a great ride!

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