10 Worst Things About Country Life

Reader Contribution by Heather Jackson
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Lest anyone think that I paint too rosy a picture about living in the country, I thought I would point out a few bad things about life out here too.  

10 Worst Things About Country Life

It is never as quiet as you think it will be! Chickens, guineas, cows, goats, coyotes, dogs. So much for relaxing in the peace and quiet!

  1. There are a lot of mobile homes on my road. In case you didn’t know, when someone is moving a mobile home, it takes up the WHOLE ROAD, and you only meet these as you go around a sharp curve. And while I’m complaining about it, they do have a truck with a “wide load” sign that travels with them, but it rides behind the trailer. Um, thanks for telling me about the danger AFTER it has passed. That’s helpful. Not at all.  

  2. Dogs and coyotes bark. ALL. NIGHT. LONG.

  3. Snakes

  4. Terrible internet service provider options!

  5. Terrible cell phone service.

  6. Frogs everywhere.

  7. Rural towns have tiny libraries. They are still worth using, but they don’t offer the selection you get in the city.

  8. Losing animals is common, but very, very hard.

  9. Snakes. Yes, I know I said that already, but it bears repeating. Nearby friends have killed several rattlesnakes in the past week. That’s enough to rattle me!  Yikes!

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