Retirement Days

Reader Contribution by Connie Moore
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Late summer evening on a swing — a lazy breeze barely touches us as we contemplate the day’s activities. Not much is stirring as the heat slowly fades with the sun, trailing across the poplar trees, their leaves lightly twinkling with its final rays.

Goldfinches and cardinals call goodnight to each other. Crickets start their evening talk. Fireflies light their own way to wherever they go on their outings. There are no longer children to catch them in a jar; the boys and girls are all grown up and in backyards of their own.

The quiet is blessed when it comes. At the same time, there is a lonesomeness about it that is hard to get used to. Retirement for us is a mixed pot of feelings, like the jumbled, tumbling zucchini vines in the garden. Good and plenty until there is too much. Some days we wonder what to do with the extra. Both zucchini and time.

Rather than gather moss sitting on the swing, we decide to move around, finding even small things are now much clearer in our sight. Just an hour’s travel to yonder places gives us a new learning experience that banks off the older scenes in our memories.

We become explorers. Contemplating and connecting past with present, we add to the collection of life’s snapshots, filling in the silence; looking forward to tomorrow.
Photos copyright: Russell Moore-2016

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