Pecan-Pickin’ Season

Well, contrary to what you may think, we didn’t work 24-7, 365, but, of course, we did work, especially seasonal occupations. As I write this blog, it is now late November; pecan-pickin’ season, which reminds me that my husband bought some pecans the other day, $5 for a 12-ounce bag … ouch! I told him not to ever pay that much for something that I got paid a few pennies a pound to harvest. Since it’s the week before Thanksgiving, I’m wondering where those nice, sleek babies were grown.

I say that because one year, my husband bought some pecans just before Thanksgiving, and I informed him that, “If these are from a fresh crop, they weren’t grown in the US of A.” Now, I may have put my foot in my mouth, because I don’t know everything, but why did I say that – because, based on the fact that since our family harvested these little nuts, I know when they were ripe for picking “up.” And they usually are not ready before Thanksgiving.

Published on Nov 20, 2013

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