My Year in a Nutshell

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So, I realize, dear readers, that I have not been on since dinosaurs roamed the Sahara, but I have a good excuse.

You see, this year has been a big one for me – I went to college! Yay for higher education! While this meant that I abandoned you all for a short time (sorry), I am still going to keep in touch. Here is a review of my crazy rollercoaster 2014. It’s been an incredible year, and I’m delighted to share with you.

January was weird. I spent New Year’s with a male who turned out to not be all that great. It was a strange month.

“I don’t know about you … but I’m feelin’ TWENTY-TWO!” That’s right, friendlies. I had a day of birth. I became 2 x 11, because I am on the Autism spectrum, and number patterns are freaky awesome. Also, a blurb about my blog appeared in print in GRIT, and I about peed my pants showing everyone at every Tractor Supply Co. my picture in the magazine.

I also lost my grandfather in February – the one who taught me to fish, shoot squirrels out the window, and no matter what, “Well, these things happen. I love you anyways. When are you coming up to make jerky?”

I started working a LOT during March. I got promoted to director of promotions at the holistic pet nutrition center! Woohoo!

The college acceptance (and rejection) letters started rolling in. I submitted my rejection letter to Michigan State University’s rejection letter. I still haven’t heard from them. Sterling sent me a seed packet with my acceptance letter, and that’s when I knew I was moving to Vermont.

Photo: Fotolia/altocumulus

Wow, May already? I spent some great spring nights with my friends at the local water hole. Summer was just beginning. An old friend and I had a much needed, wild night at a Josh Gracin concert.

It’s warm on the farm! The egg machines are churning, crops are growing, and chores are regular and keep me going. Life is good. 

I’m tying up loose ends getting ready for school, while preparing for county fair. When is anyone ready for county fair? I’m never ready for county fair. I bounced around to a couple of other fairs, guest judging for sheep and small animal showmanship.

Oh gosh, county fair. It’s here, and I took on new leadership roles assisting with livestock judging clinics, the county poultry show, and general grown-upness in my first year really taking charge as a 4-H leader. Whee for adulthood!

After fair, I packed up and left for Vermont! #Vermontorbust2014

School is in full swing and I have no idea what to do with myself, but I’m thrilled about all of it. I began work on the school farm, met the man of my dreams (but I didn’t know it yet). I miss nothing about home except for my dogs. This place is so new and exciting!

I picked up a new job puppy-sitting and working for a local company moving furniture and storage items. I saved up a lot of money, and spent most of it on pants, because I’m a princess. I miss home a little bit, but not really. For Halloween, I was … a shaman. Seriously.

Oh, and that man of my dreams? Kissed me on Halloween. In public. In front of everyone.

I have really begun blossoming as a person all on my own. I might have this boy, but for the first time in a long time, I love myself. I would date me.

I’ve been doing a lot of artwork, and getting my website ready to publish. It’s not up yet, but soon! I had my first long break off from school for Thanksgiving, and homesickness really sets in. I keep on with my meditation and yoga, and spend a lot of time with the school’s rabbit herd. I’ve applied for a staff position with the school as the Farm and Livestock Assistant. Crossing my fingers that I get it!

Photo: Fotolia/meryll

I didn’t get the job.

I was forced to take a four-day, 25-mile hike through the mountains as the final for one of my classes. It was awful.

It’s cold, and the air hurts my face.


This year has been full of growth. I get to take the man of my dreams home to meet my family for New Years (that’s his Christmas gift to me). Next year, I start a whole new set of classes – Fiber Arts, Animal Science, Small Business Management, and a self-designed independent study about heritage livestock breeds. Cool, right?

This year has been crazy. I’m thankful for every bit of it, and can’t wait to see what I’ll be blessed within the coming year.