My First-Time Off-Road Adventure

Reader Contribution by Faithful Homesteader
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It has been a year of new adventures for me. I did a rock climbing wall for my birthday even though I had a bit of fear associated with it. I also took a kayaking class although I have a definite fear of water. My husband has wanted me to go off-roading with him for quite a long time and we finally did it. In the days before we were married, off-roading was a major part of his life. It is for sure an activity way out of my comfort zone.

For his birthday last year I bought him an off-road sticker, but because of various circumstances we never made it out to the off-road park. This year he was determined to go, so I went and bought a new sticker. It was not something that I was excited about doing, but I wanted to go for his sake. He felt that I owed him since he had taken me dancing a few times and he says he would rather have dental work than go dancing.

I tend to get car sick and my husband’s truck does not have air conditioning, so those two things alone made me wary about going. My husband has an old Toyota 4×4 truck that he has wanted to test off road for a long time. I decided to just try to take everything in stride. I am trying to be more adventurous. I am often looking for new things to try and this definitely fit into that category.

My husband wanted to let off some steam and I wanted to be supportive of that. He was convinced that I would hate everything about it, but still wanted me to come. Since we were on our own and it was the first chance to test out some things with his truck, we stayed on the less difficult courses. We drove through the mud and got the truck sufficiently dirty to make him happy. For me, I don’t really like to have a dirty truck so I did not see the appeal. We did a lot of driving up and down steep rocky hills. There was definitely some rough spots along the way. I was a little nervous, but remained calm.

In the final assessment, I would not say I hated it, but I also didn’t love it. I was just merely a passenger and observer so it really was a bit too hands-off for me. I wonder if I might get more out of it if I was the one in control and driving. I noticed that there were plenty of women at the park that day and they were definitely into it. My husband had a good time and was finally able to test out some things on his truck. I was glad that he had a good day. Now it is off to find a new adventure.

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