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There are so many things from my childhood that are so precious. Often warm memories flood my mind with the niceties of the 1950s and ’60s. Unfortunately, I can’t remember every nice thing, but here are some that I do recall. Perhaps you may remember them too.

I like to smell good, and even though I had to buy Arrid deodorant in the store, I was glad my mother sold cosmetics.That way, we had our own beauty supply store right in our house … and the items were ours just for the taking. Mom was a sales rep for Blair, Lucky Heart, and Sweet Georgia Brown cosmetics and for Fashion Frocks. The latter sold the prettiest dresses in the world. Their garments were my all-time favorites, and I just loved to “sport” their clothes.

My mother sold household products too. In the way of health and wellness, there was this strong-scented, pine tar soap. We used it for any kind of bathing, including shampooing the hair. I still bought this soap long after I left home. To me, it gets the hair the cleanest – I mean, squeaky-clean. Then, there was Sayman Salve. It is good for any kinds of cuts, scrapes, burns, insect bites, rashes, and you name it. Most of us old timers should remember that old staple, Watkins Liniment. This “cream-of-the-crop” remedy is much desired for sore, aching joints and muscles. To my knowledge, none of these products were sold in local stores.

Country women seem to love body powders. They bought Cashmere Bouquet in stores, but thye also purchased some of the other powders my mom sold. You may not be familiar with “sachets,” but they are finely, ground, scented, flour-like powders that came in small bottles. The containers are about the size of today’s tiny, spice bottles. The scents are heavenly, to say the least. I’m not sure which one I liked the best, but I used them all and liked them all. The ones that I used the most were apple blossom and clover blossom sachets. Their fragrances were so deliciously sweet. They were like “love-at-first-smells.” The scents were so inviting that I could never get enough of sniffing them. These sachets were marketed by the cosmetic companies that my mother sold for.

Women also didn’t buy much store-bought perfume either. They were a bit pricey for the average female; however, tons of women bought the fragrances my mom sold. The most popular one was “Touch of Fire” spray perfume by Lucky Heart. This company still markets this fine fragrance.

Now, how about those nice, store-bought perfumes: Remember Tabu; Heaven Sent by Helena Rubinstein; (the original) Gardenia; and Tuvache by Jungle Gardenia? I can’t find perfume shops that sell the original Heaven Sent by Helena Rubinstein nor the Jungle Gardenia brands. And though Tabu has been around for ages, when I go into Rite Aid, I still see its familiar black and red package displayed among the other popular brands. So, I guess this sweet-smelling spray is still holding its ground.

It’s been close to half a century since I’ve used some of these cosmetics, but I still miss them, especially Cashmere Bouquet body talc and Heaven Sent perfume.

And last but not least, how many of you remember Rex Jelly? This may be an unusual name for a food item, but this is the kind of jelly that’s eaten. Now Rex Jelly is one for a real old-timer. And, of course, you probably have to be country too.

You know how some things in life are so precious that you just seem to never get over them. That’s the way I feel about some of the health and beauty products from my childhood. The longer I’m without them, the more precious they become.

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