How Country Folks Used the Farmer’s Almanac

The other day, I decided to start looking for a dentist for some much-needed dental work. Well, the first thing I thought about was the Farmer’s Almanac. You might be wondering, “How does that relate to dentistry.” For me, the answer is simple.

When we were kids, each year, my parents (and I guess just about every other country family) bought the Farmer’s Almanac. We always had teeth extracted only during a certain moon phase. Now, you may say that’s old fashioned, which is fine. We were old-fashioned and believed the heavenly constellations have a direct effect on our minds and bodies. For instance, supposedly, there is scientific evidence that when there is a Full Moon, more crime and other crazy and unusual things happen.

Anyway, back to that strange-looking book containing the weird information. In this booklet, there is a chart of a man’s body with arrows pointing toward each major part of the body. Not only is there an astrological name and meaning for each part, but there is also a moon phase directly related to each part. Whenever we had a toothache, my parents had us check the Almanac and see where the “sign” was. If it was in the stomach or below (preferably in the thighs, legs, knees or feet), they would take us to the dentist for the extraction. If the sign wasn’t “right,” (from the head through the stomach), we had to wait. They bought some medicine for toothache pain, and we waited it out.

So, with that in mind, I checked the internet and the Farmer’s Almanac (in the library) to see if the information matched. I’ll have to wait a few months, because the “sign” is in the upper part of the body. I don’t need an extraction, but I simply want my dental “work” done when the “sign” is in my feet.

As a child, I didn’t understand anything about the moon positions in relation to the (health and well-being of the body). Recently, however, I read where there is a tendency to bleed more when the moon is full. An astrologist’s blog (on the internet) stated that surgery should not be performed for a full week before and for a full week after a Full Moon. She stated that she noticed the tendency to bleed more when she had surgery close to the Full Moon and the tendency to bleed less when she had surgery closer to the New Moon. I believe there is some truth to that too. So, before I go in for my dental work, I’ll see where the moon phase is and will keep that in mind.

I don’t understand the Farmer’s Almanac as well as farmers, but I know that they plant and harvest crops based on the information contained within this book, so there must be something to it. They also use it to forecast the weather.

Though my mother wasn’t able to explain in detail about the “signs,” she had enough general understanding to help us see the importance of not having any surgery performed when the astrological signs were not in the right position in relation to the body. I still adhere to that belief.

Published on Sep 18, 2013

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