Front Porch Swing

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Ahhh sipping iced tea or lemonade, rocking back and forth on a porch swing, who doesn’t love it?  The front porch on my grandparent’s farm seemed to be everybody’s favorite spot, especially in the summer.  On the warm summer evenings my grandparents would sit in the swing after a hard day of work on the farm.  My grandpa would watch for those pesky groundhogs that seemed to masterfully place their homes always in the wrong places in the hay fields.  My grandma would watch the cars go past their farm house. 

I enjoyed sitting on the steps listening and watching them swing.  I learned a lot on those evenings.  Sometimes when the green beans and peas had been picked, my grandma and I would sit in the swing and string the green beans and shell peas.

Image by Pexels from Pixabay

After my grandpa passed away, my grandma still enjoyed sitting on the front porch swing watching the cars go past the farm house.  Her devoted companion now was a small dog named Spice.  Spice adored my grandma and my grandma dearly loved this little dog.  Spice would sit in the porch swing with my grandma.  He didn’t mind the motion of the swing at all.  I’m pretty sure he enjoyed spending time with my grandma as much as we did.

Although both my grandparents have now passed away, members of the family still enjoy sitting on the front porch swing when we gather at the farm Labor Day weekend.  At different times in the day, I’m pretty sure all of our family sits in the porch swing and on the porch steps catching up on what we’ve been doing and reminiscing about our special times on the farm.