A Week of Blessing

I love our little farm! It is quaint, and the animals, for the most part, behave themselves. Well, unless there is a bag of grain sitting out where they can see it. That’s usually when the shoving, grunting and the fake sounds of growling tummies can be heard over the song birds!

This summer has been joyful and heart breaking. We waited for the birth of our second baby llama that we expectantly named Blessing. Super Farmer helped to bring her into the world without mama llama’s permission (think mama llama moaning and spitting as Chad pulled on the first legs out). She was going to get help whether she wanted it or not as the anticipation was too much for us to bear!

Baby Blessing was born on Father’s Day this year, a perfect gift for her human granddaddy! We ooohed and ahhhed, along with our Addie Acre Facebook followers, who rejoiced at films and photos posted over the next week. However, Sunday I found our precious Blessing barely breathing on the barn floor, mama Violet snuggled beside her watching in distress. I yelled for Chad as I quickly opened the gate to kneel beside our little baby llama.

Chad and I held our little girl as mama cried out, noises of anguish softly filling the barn. We prayed for our baby as we waited for the vet. Doc Larry got there as fast as he could but he could not save her. In a fog, I Listened to him explain how baby llamas only have a 50/50 chance of surviving and how a simple cold can make them crash within hours. We don’t know what happened to our Blessing.

She was up and running, nursing and meeting the other animals just fine all week as evidenced by seven days of life chronicled on film. I’ve watched them over and over trying to figure out what went wrong. I tearfully posted that our tiny Blessing had passed away, flying up into heaven on the wings of an angel. The response we got on Facebook shocked me! We had numerous folks cry alongside us, sending me messages of how their hearts were breaking as their own tears flowed while looking at her photos plastered all over the Addie Acres page. For days, we had words of encouragement, folks sharing just how much she was loved and enjoyed!

This sweet little baby touched hundreds of lives and brought so much joy to people I have yet to meet. Our baby Blessing came into the world for a short week, yet she managed to soften hearts, bringing laughter to hundreds of people just by learning how to stand, her first day out the barn or sitting in a field of purple clover as her mama looked on. I don’t understand why God took her so soon. He knows what He is doing.

I came to love this white little llama by the name of Blessing and was honored and blessed to have shared her for a seven short days with folks all across the country. Chad buried her between the mulberry trees and placed a large fieldstone commemorating her short life. I can look across the llama’s pasture from my porch. I see the glowing sunset shining rays of warmth on her fresh grave adorned with fresh picked wild flowers. I will always cherish my week of Blessing and those who shared it with us.

Published on Aug 7, 2015

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