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This year I attended my first MOTHER EARTH NEWS Fair in Belton, Texas. I went with my husband and a few friends. It was definitely a different experience for me, but a good one. It sure fits in with my new learning mindset. I am always up for gaining new knowledge!

Because I am a blogger for GRIT, I was able to receive two free passes. That certainly helped this frugal person make the decision to go. My husband was also a big reason, because when he looked at the schedule he saw many classes that piqued his interest. He would have even gone without me.

I didn’t realize that this was only the second time that the fair has been in Texas. Since it was about three hours from where I live, we left home very early on Saturday and stayed just one night before driving back Sunday evening. It was certainly a full and exhausting weekend, but it was fun.

I was excited to see the magazine that had my published article in it.

I liked the setup for the fair. There were hourly classes on a variety of subjects. Plenty of vendors and yummy food were on hand. I attended some classes on chickens and poultry, of course. I also attended classes that had to do with health and pain management. Those classes gave me the push I needed finally to go on a strict, anti-inflammatory/elimination diet. I have now started a 30-day Paleo program with the intention of adding back foods one at a time at the end of the 30 days. I think it was worth going for that alone.

I found that I didn’t always want to be sitting through a class. It was nice sometimes just to walk around and take in everything. I spent much time hanging out with the animals; I just couldn’t stay away from all the critters.

I found it interesting to see that there was a variety of people at the fair. Liberals and conservatives were able to come together at one event where common ground could be found.  There were also people of different faiths.

Overall, it was a fun adventure. My husband and I had not done anything like that together. We went to different classes, so we doubled our learning. He was certainly motivated about things that he wants to do for our humble homestead. My friends enjoyed it as well. I definitely would recommend attending a MOTHER EARTH NEWS Fair if you get the chance!