Missouri Living: An Introduction

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Vince and I moved to Missouri in December 2006 from Kentucky. We thought our residence in Kentucky was a bit rural but moving to Nevada, Missouri, has brought a whole new meaning to “rural.” Even though we’re currently living in the city limits, we’re looking for land where we can have the freedom to grow and build as we please, without restrictions, covenants, city ordinances and . . neighbors! We have fallen in love with southwest Missouri and hope to stay in this area.

Vince has never had much desire for living in the country, but with the current economic times, and the need to feel more in control of our own lives, he is coming around, and we’re looking for more land. He wants to have bees. I want a milk cow. Of course, there will always be chickens and a big garden.

I love to cook from scratch and will share recipes here. I can as much as possible, so I’ll share my canning experiences.

I grind wheat to make yummy and nutritious whole wheat bread, so you’ll hear some about wheat grinding and bread baking.

I quilt (a lot!), so no doubt, there’ll be some quilting stories here.

For now, we’ll be happy with our 9 hens and our little garden in town, but I hope that very soon, readers will be able to follow along in our journey as we find the perfect piece of land and prepare to live “the good life” as amateur rural farmers.