Memorial Day 2011 in Tuscumbia, Alabama

Reader Contribution by Mary carton
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To many Memorial Day weekend is part of a long three day weekend marking the start of summer.  It’s a time for going to the river, lake or beach.  Hope you stopped for a moment to reflect on the sacrifices of those who died for you right to have fun today, ship our jobs overseas or over the border, or protest burn the flag they died for.  And one right which I’m totally appalled at is that you have is to protest at their funerals and disturb the privacy of their grieving families.

Saturday, since the house was half way still clean from my high school reunion visit and the daylilies, oriental lilies and Japanese iris were all in bloom, I scheduled an open garden brunch.  Here lately, everything I’ve done has been like a rerun of I Love Lucy.  I can’t decide which episode, the one where Lucy tries to ship herself to Europe in the trunk and locked herself in, or Lucy and Ethel wall paper hangers, or Lucy and Ethel candy makers.  Remember what Lucy had to sing to her old teacher in order to get her birth certificate?  Anyway, we had straight line winds Wednesday that did a lot of damage to the area. I was out of power for over 12 hours and broke a toe in the middle of the night walking to the bathroom. Something I’ve done in the dark for years.  I had to work late three days, so I didn’t get a lot of work done. Friday night I had the riding mower out mowing the front yard until dark.  I chewed the belt up on the finishing mower the Saturday before and had to order one, so the lower forty looked shaggy. The making of the bourbon balls was definitely Lucy and Ethel candy makers, a story which 

Everyone had a good time and those who were strangers were friends by the end of the visit.  Those out on the screen porch were treated to numerous visits by hungry ruby throat hummingbirds.  We could have done without the cicadas though.  The hooligans have been eating them like chickens after bugs in the garden.  Blackie has been jumping up on the trees grabbing as many as she can get until she could hardly move. 

Monday I went to the Memorial Day program at the Colbert County Courthouse in Tuscumbia, AL conducted by The American Legion Post # 31. The main road leading into town had flags flying and a large number of homes had flags or decorations to honor those fallen. Today’s pictures are from that program. I’ve also included pictures of some of those who have served our country.  Some of the guys I know their names, but have chosen to let them represent all of those who have served our country.  More pictures may be found on my Wordpress blog.  A memorial was dedicated to the Purple Heart recipients at the end of the program and a wreath placed at the flag pole.   

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