Life Between Pages

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“I cannot live without books.” –Thomas Jefferson

My world revolves around words. Writing is enjoyable, and it’s a major source of job satisfaction. I find something magical about a great movie script or the dialog on a television show, when well written. However, writing’s second in my book.

I live to read.

The old adage could be paraphrased to fit my life perfectly: I live to read and I read to live. If I don’t read something – anything – for enjoyment for a few days, I get a mite cranky. Somewhere in my bag you can always find a book, usually fiction, and often there are two. It depends on how close I am to finishing one.

I remember my younger sisters’ exasperation when one of them would be forced to stand directly in front of me or shake me or shout in my ear, all because I didn’t respond to a call for dinner or chores. My concentration is amazing when I’m reading. Too bad the rest of my life doesn’t enjoy that level of focus.

My youngest sister tells me I’m the only person she knows who finishes a book, puts it down and immediately picks up another to start.

Another adage works for me, as well: Too many books, too little time. Every room in my house contains books, and, while it feels at times that the books are taking over, I’m not sure I can cull any titles. The books aren’t just part of my home, they are part of my identity.

One shelf contains my “to-read” books. There are quite a few, including Jim Butcher’sWhite Night. It’s been there for a while, and when I went to pick it up, I realized it’s been too long since I visited Harry Dresden and his magic-filled Chicago. So I decided to start the series over. That’s what’s in my bag right now – Storm Front, the first in the Dresden Files. Jim’s latest is Small Favor, but since I collect most of my favorite series in paperback, White Night is the newest on my shelf. Oh, and Shannon Butcher, Jim’s wife, is also an author. I’m looking forward to her third romance, No Escape.

Before Storm Front (this time around), I finished Origin, the latest from Diana Abu-Jaber. A friend recommended it, and it was a totally absorbing mystery. While it’s a bit different from my usual reads, it is one I would definitely recommend.

Some of my other favorite authors are John Sandford, Anne McCaffrey, Kay Hooper, Linda Lael Miller, Elizabeth Lowell, J.D. Robb (aka Nora Roberts), Nevada Barr, Tony Horwitz (one of the few non-fiction writers in my library), Janet Evanovich, Michael Connelly, Ridley Pearson, Margaret Coel, …. OK, I’ll stop, for now.

I’d love to hear what titles are taking you away from the everyday world. You’ll hear a lot about what friend finds its way into my bag in the days to come. Oh, and we’ll talk movies and television, too, I’m sure, and whatever else makes an impact. Welcome to my world!