Suffering From Spring Syndrome

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Fall is my favorite season. Summer graduations, weddings and ball games are over. Gardens are basically done. People are slowing down and are not always in a rush. You can actually take a breather. Ahhh …

So, I know you are all thinking I have lost it. After all, it is spring and not fall and everyone loves spring, right? If you ask most people what their favorite season is they will name spring when the world comes alive again, the earth turns green and everything experiences rebirth.

This is my point exactly. Everything happens at once and everyone seems to be rushing around trying to do ten different things at once, especially if you live in the country. This is true even more so if you are a farmer.

Farmers work all winter repairing equipment, getting their seed orders in and buying fertilizer so they are ready to go when the weather breaks. And when that sun comes out and the thermometer starts to climb they are chomping at the bit to get in the fields. Never mind that the fields are still too wet to work. They will admit it is still too wet but they still have to drive over their fields just to make sure. Maybe it wouldn’t hurt to spread just one load of fertilizer on the driest piece of ground. If that goes well, they inch on over to the adjoining field. And, if for some reason, they absolutely cannot get on their ground, they drive around just to see what their neighbors are doing. Like that is going to make a difference. Voila … spring syndrome.

This phenomena does not claim just farmers, but gardeners and generally anyone who lives in the country is prone. I am guilty just like everyone else. It is an old wives’ tale that potatoes are supposed to be planted on Good Friday, regardless of when that day falls since it is different every year. This week it was in March. I was so afraid that I would be late that Bud plowed my garden in 30-degree weather in a snowstorm. And, if this year is anything like last year, I will complain again when I have to dig potatoes because they are ripe even before August rolls around. Does this make any sense? It’s that spring syndrome again, just can’t wait to get out there.

Ok, so you don’t have a farm or garden. Don’t think you are still immune. There is always one guy in every neighborhood who has to be the first to mow his yard every year. I have actually seen a man mow his yard with a dusting of snow on it before. Now that is crazy!

What I especially love are the projects folks. You know the kind. They decide to re-pot the house plants so they drag them all outside and then discover they do not have enough potting soil. They decide to roll and fertilize their lawn but don’t have quite enough to get the job done. All the yard furniture and lawn ornaments were just fine when they were packed away last fall but now many of them need repairs of some sort. The garage needs cleaned out so that gets started. In the end there are about ten projects started and none finished because everything needs done at once. After all, spring is here.

Of course, on the other end of the spectrum is the type that think when spring hits it means fun time. They are the first ones to get their motorcycles and sports cars out of storage and hit the open road. Docks are put back in the water and all kinds of boats dot the lakes. It doesn’t matter what needs done around home, spring is time to play.

These sufferers of spring syndrome also get a little grumpy this time of year. Even though their sensible self tells them that a person can only do so much, they still try to cram everything into one day. When things don’t get done, it brings out the not-so-good-naturedness.

Don’t confuse spring syndrome with spring fever. The fever makes a person want to get out and do things whereas the syndrome won’t let them stop. Guaranteed, it will always be this way, spring after spring after spring. It’s just part of our nature.

This hits me just as hard as anyone else. You will notice that this week’s column is a little shorter than usual. That’s because I look around and see everything that should already be done. My goodness, it’s almost the end of April. Gotta go! Yep, spring syndrome claims another one.