It’s Been A Wild Ride

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By Eileen

My love for riding started early as you can see.

First time on a tractor, my handsome dad and me.

Then on a pony, my brother Larry at the reins.

“Look Ma … No hands … This trick pony stuff’s in my veins!”

Then I’m “cow-girlin'” on my Guernsey,

Dreamin’ of rodeo all the while.

I’d grow up to keep on ridin’

Tho with a slight change in my style!

My next ride’s a “trike” with my cousins in tow.

“Why, it’s Batman and Robin!” Well, whadda ya know?


(Or maybe it’s Superman and Lois Lane … see her tongue sticking out in total disdain!)

Then we move to a Sportster, now all leather clad,

Quite the transition from the tractor ridin’ with my dad!

Thanks for joining in on my “Riding Journey” from baby till now.

I just love to ride … be it pony, bike or cow!

Published on Feb 24, 2015

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