Four Reasons Country Girls Outclass Princesses

Reader Contribution by Jamie Cearley and Phd
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Princess backpacks, princess toothbrushes, princess sheets, princess pajamas, and yes, even princess underwear. Apparently a lot of little girls these days are living and breathing the idea that they either already are or should aspire to become a princess. Ugh!

Have you seen the toys these wishful princesses play with? There are dolls, whose heads look like overgrown pumpkins sitting on a fence post of a neck, whose eyes are the size of a harvest moon on a dark fall night, and whose bodies are so frail and thin they look like they need to eat a whole hogs worth of bacon just to live another day!

Then there are the electronic toys, bleeping and talking to them saying things like, “Enter your princess name …. That’s a beautiful name for a princess.” Yuck! The movies, oh my, the movies. If I see another bug eyed, pencil legged princess, with hair to beat a Gypsy Vanner, being rescued and given meaning in life by some burly blond guy whose chest is ten times the circumference of his waist I might lose it.

Here are four reasons country girls outclass princesses:

1. We country girls have our heads on straight and although they aren’t bigger than life itself they are full of good ole’ common horse sense. We can figure just about anything out.  When’s the last time you got any good advice from a princess? All right, I did hear about the one who sang, “Let it go” over and over and over. I guess this could be seen as good sensible advice if you’ve got ahold of a squealing piglet and the sow just broke through the fence. However, I personally find myself saying, “Hang on” more often.

2. The only thing stronger than a country girl’s body is her mind. Country girls are marked by toughness through and through. Our eyes may not be the size of the harvest moon, but we see the real world through them. A world full of opportunity to love, do good, help others, work hard, play hard, and make the world a better place. Toughness with elegance, grace and a smile you might say. 

3. Country girls are more like chameleons than princesses. We can be filthy dirty, drenched in sweat, scooping poop out of a dusty barn at 4 p.m. and by 6 p.m., we can clean up and look, well, a lot like a princess, only you can hug us and we don’t snap in two. As a bonus, when we let our hair down, it is stunning, but it won’t take up the entirety of a king sized cab to haul it into town for dinner.  

4. We country girls love our men, but we don’t need them to rescue us. OK, right, that is unless we happened to be stuck in the mud on our tractors and need him to get our truck and pull us out. A real prince pulls you out of the mud with a four-wheel drive. Magic carpet rides with guys who have teeny waistlines are highly overrated. Especially in times of crisis. What practical use is a carpet ride when you’re stuck in the mud? You need a real man with chains and a truck. 

Yep, the princess lifestyle is a bunch of hype for sure. I kind of feel sorry for the little girls out there in pursuit of this fairy tale life. I’d rather be a country girl than a princess any day. I’m sure I’ll outlive, outlast, and out do all of them.

Here’s a salute to all the little country girls out there who have chosen to ditch the glass slippers for a good pair of boots. Be strong. Stay soft. It really is the best of everything. 

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