Boggstown Cabaret

Reader Contribution by Jauneta Stout
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What is greater: anticipation of an event, the event, or the memory of the experience?

If we are talking about my recent visit to Boggstown Cabaret, they were equally remarkable. I have enjoyed their entertainment and food many times over the years, so just thinking of the fun we would have was exciting.

Boggstown Cabaret is in an 1800s building that was originally built for a Redman’s Lodge. The village is southeast of Indianapolis.

Location may be everything in real estate, but not in entertainment. Despite being in the “Boonies,” this venue is booked for months ahead. The performers also appear in theatre in Nashville, Indiana.

The event lived up to its promise, though things have changed. Years ago they had banjo players, twin pianos, and Ragtime music.

Today, Dan Tuttle, pianist — par excellence — still plays Ragtime, but the current venue includes all kinds of music. Besides the pianist, the cast includes a drummer, a female singer, and then there is Russell Moss. This professional has a storied background in Hollywood, television, night clubs, and the stage. He sings, acts, does comedy, but his best performance involves audience participation. He is a master.

When a gentleman from a neighboring table trotted up to the stage with his cane to dance with “Andy,” the female vocalist, I thought it was a set up. But no, this was a senior citizen having fun, willing to be laughed at. And laugh we did. That was just the first of the encounters. The audience — all over 50 years of age, except for two teenagers — loved it. Moss knows how to play to the audience, and play he does. The Elvis-Presley set with Moss in heavy black wig couldn’t be topped.

Days after our trip, I still laugh out loud just remembering the fun. Strains of “King of the Road” and “I Want to Be a Cowboy’s Sweetheart” run through my head. Vegas and Branson are probably wonderful, however I’m thankful for Boggstown.

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