Remember That Fiddle?

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Remember in an earlier post I said I’d always wanted to play the fiddle? I’m not sure why … something about it made my toes tap, lightened my heart, and made me smile. I am so taken by those who can play; so in awe and, to be honest, downright envious!

And so when I came upon a violin made 126 years ago, I was taken in by it’s history and soon made it mine. Since then, I’ve brushed up on some of my favorites … “Red River Valley,” “Amazing Grace,” “Old Joe Clark.” And while far from perfect, it’s been fun to try and try until a song finally sounds somewhat like it’s supposed to. 

The old saying goes: “Time flies, whether you’re having fun or not.” What have you always dreamed of doing? Living in the suburbs doesn’t mean you won’t be living in a farmhouse someday, and mowing that corner lot in town doesn’t mean you won’t be sitting behind the wheel of a tractor pulling kids on a hayride. Delay doesn’t mean defeat … dreams come true every day.

It’s always good to find some quiet time and ask ourselves, “What do I truly want now? What do I truly need? How do I get it?”

I wish I could turn back the clock … so do many of us. I would have picked up the fiddle 30 years ago, however, that’s just not the way it works. And so when this fiddle came my way (and a fabulous book titled Old Time Fiddle for the Complete Ignoramus — I’m not kidding!) I felt it was time to give it a chance. My daughter plays the cello and has been so helpful. Oh yes, there are still squeaks and scratches when I play, but you know what? After several weeks I’ve found I can play “Ashokan Farewell” … that was my inspiration and my dream. 

I came across this quote today: “Don’t wait, because right now is the oldest you’ve ever been, and the youngest you’ll ever be again.”

Time flies. Come on, what adventure shall we jump into next?