Water Pure, Water Clear … Water …

Reader Contribution by Mary D. Martin
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Doesn’t the very sound of the words – pure, clean water – give you a good feeling? What a blessing water is. We hear of areas struggling with drought, other places where people walk miles to carry drinkable water home, some locations dealing with the damage of dirty flood waters. But the bottom line is; water that is pure and clean is a blessing and the desire of all.

Growing up on the ranch, springtime helped me appreciate running water. The rolling, rush of dark, muddy water in the creek could not be pumped to the house. If muddy silt was sucked into the pump and water pipes, they would become clogged. Every spring we would haul every available container a mile up the valley to a spring to fill with clean liquid. Then back home we used the outhouse to conserve water, along with any other conservation method we could think of until the spring runoff was passed.

Today people carry around water bottles ranging in every imaginable size, color and material. In the 1960s, Daddy and I would saddle up and head up the mountain to check on the cattle. It was a long day on horseback. We each had an orange tucked in a pocket and Daddy usually had a few hard mint candies in his pocket. That was it for the day. At lunch we stopped by a small mountain stream. There hanging on a tree branch was a small metal cup. We took turns dipping it in the cool, clear water and drinking our fill. That was all we had to drink until reaching home that night. I learned to tolerate being thirsty, which is not a healthy thing to learn.

The brain is 85 percent water and needs to stay hydrated to function properly. Many people think that soda, juice, milk or coffee are a substitute for water. This is not true. A brain with sufficient water throughout the day functions better and quicker. It is fascinating to read about the importance of water to the brain. I am slowly learning, what I wish I had learned as a child. that drinking lots of water is very important to physical and mental health. It is so marvelous to think that health can be improved so easily and inexpensively! Just Drink Water.

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