Running Taught Me About Life; Let Me Pass the Torch to You

Reader Contribution by Liberty V Justice
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When I run, I time it by 2, 3, or 4 minute intervals. I try to be precise as possible. After each interval, I take my heart rate. The first heart rate is almost always the lowest. The next couple are a bit higher; in the middle they become lower. Finally, the last one is usually the highest. Finally at my peak performance, it feels the hardest at first; I get a little muscle pain, breathe heaviest and sweat the most. Simultaneously, it’s the last interval that’s the easiest, because I’m proud of myself for finishing strong.

Maybe you don’t see what I see. My runs are indicative of any discipline in life. Starting something can seem scary, too daring or too difficult. Inevitably, somewhere in the middle, we become complacent and stop trying to learn ways to improve something that’s become “easy” to us. We’re stressed, but we’re only doing enough to “get by”. The finish line can seem miles away, but if we persevere through the hardest part — The Murky Middle — we’ll triumph over our tragedies in the end.

Imagine waiting for 2 hours for our healthy “Hemp Without the High Broccoli and Cheese Soup” by Liberty’s Celiac’s Conquering Cuisine. The closer we get to dinner time, the hungrier we get. When we smell our fresh cheesy goodness, we start salivating and become impatient with ourselves demanding dinner. We threaten our bodies with poison. “I swear I’ll eat this whole candy bar.” In the end the healthy, non-genetically modified food that heals our bodies is better for our self-confidence, because we’re victorious and back in the driver’s seat of our self control once again.

Excellence in any area is minor changes one at a time. Start today!

Photo by Fotolia/Giorgio Pulcini

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