Peace of Mind

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Peace of mind. Nothing is more satisfying, no possession more priceless.

Have you ever noticed the many products in advertise peace of mind? All I have to do is buy their product and peace of mind will flow into my life. It warms my heart to know the corporate world can supply an abundance of peace of mind. It’s hard to believe I lived 64 years without knowing the peace of mind that a doorbell hooked to my cell phone could bring.

Conventional medicine is an interesting study. Somehow all the prescription drugs my doctor wants me to ingest is supposed to bring good health as well as peace of mind from reducing the risks of high blood pressure, cholesterol build up, heart attacks, and anything else they can think of. Yet I can’t help but notice the doctor’s waiting room is filled with pale, sickly, comatose folks that look like they need to be buried. These poor souls follow the doctor’s orders to the tee. There is a lesson here.

I also have noticed that I have never left the doctor’s office feeling better than when I went in. I have to ask myself why is that? The doc always searches until they find something wrong and, guess what, for a mere sum they will try to control, not fix, but try to control the problem which will, of course, give me peace of mind.

I also observe back home on the farm, the paranoia of a doctor’s visit wears off as I pump fresh air into my lungs and feel the healing warmth of the sun as I do the chores. Watching butterflies dance among the flowers, and dragonflies hover over our pond while the catfish break the surface is comforting. My trusty black Lab, Beau, is always at my side only wanting my love. Life in all its glory surrounds me on the farm and with it comes peace of mind.

God gives peace of mind, corporations just take the fee.