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It is medically proven that pain can be reduced and even eliminated with yoga instead of medications.

In 2014, I lost most of my mobility. I couldn’t walk very far. I couldn’t even climb the steps to get on the bus.  I could barely move my arms. Even my wallet was hard for me to lift. I was very dependent on others for almost everything. I begged God to heal me. He heals me to this day through wisdom and having the courage to ask.

I told the doctors (who kept trying to push drugs month after month): “I want to do things the natural way. I don’t want any more surgeries and I don’t want drugs. I have 7 years clean and sober and I’m in grad school. I need my brain in working order.”

I asked the doctors what options were available besides drugs and surgery. After a few months they took me seriously and started giving me advice that didn’t involve drugs or surgery. One doctor said that yoga was strengthening, so I started with one or two small moves. It helped a lot with stress. 

Eventually, through consistency, it did strengthen my body. I graduated with a Masters Degree in Writing from Newburgh Seminary and am now walking AND running. If you’re not a regular reader check out one of my running blogs here.

There were other factors but a healthy diet and yoga were the first two things I started, after I got out of the toxic environment.

Here’s an article on how yoga relieves joint pain from The Examiner.

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