Curtailing Compulsions

Reader Contribution by Liberty V Justice
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Saying “No” to your favorite snack.

“I love you chocolate, but I love my health more. I don’t wanna to wake up tomorrow like I did today, in a sugar induced stupor that feels like a hangover. I can’t take these ups and downs anymore. I’m not dumping you, I just need a break. It’s not you, it’s me. I have virtually no control when it comes to you.”

I’m only human, y’all and I want to be honest with you — it’s what you deserve. I used to be ashamed of myself for things like this, but now I see this is what helps all of us — when we feel free to talk about things openly, honestly, and unashamedly. And if we can laugh at ourselves, there’s nothing better in life. Laughter really is like a medicine.

Following through with this trick still isn’t easy, but If I get up from the table and throw out the sugary food I always feel better about myself and I know I can conquer again. The ultimate “trick” isn’t a trick, it’s just wise — keep it out of the house. That’s how I lost 200 pounds. It was hard at first, but I had to think “What do I want more?” I consistently said “no” to going to the store for candy and did other active things, in addition to learning, journaling and having fun, until one day it was a habit and I didn’t even think of the chocolate or sugary snacks anymore. Then when I did think of it, I was pretty happy and proud of myself, so I had no desire.

I find that when I am happy with myself, I don’t need the “reward” as much. In reality, my “rewards” always cause me more pain. They’re just distractions and they end up causing me to lose focus and stop me from doing the things that fulfill me the most. A valuable bonus incentive for y’all: when I am happy with myself it is easier to be more at peace with everyone else in the world, even when they aren’t so nice to me.

Here’s the trick: I think to myself: “What do I want more, right now?”  It may seem trite to some, but I love dancing. I use my body in a godly way to thank Jesus for all He has done for me, including restoring my ability to walk.

So, when I’m pigging out on too much sugar-covered oatmeal at 3pm (the most stressful time) I simply say “Get up and dance and clean out your papers again” even if I did it this morning. Say I’m in a crisis — I can always leave the house with no money and no way to get food. I tell myself “Enough! This is getting out of hand!” Then I pray to God and ask Him to help me throw it out and leave. Before I have time to rationalize or say “I can sit here with it right in front of and say ‘no’ “, I throw it out and I feel much better about myself, especially considering I get to dance now!

I hope this helps y’all and PLEASE reach out to me, tell me your stories, your victories, your defeats, your prayer requests. I am praying for you all and I am grateful to all who read and encourage me.

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