Happy Thanksgiving

Reader Contribution by Nebraska Dave
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Thanksgiving is on the horizon and will soon be in the house. All those delicious smells as food is prepared; all those folks scurrying around in the kitchen making sure every thing is just right; and all the conversations about what’s happened in lives for the last year make for a wonderful time. The level of activity subsides a little during dinner and continues to slow down after the meal. By the time the sun goes down, naps abound in front of TV. Another Thanksgiving dinner has turned into leftovers. That’s another reason I like Thanksgiving. Leftovers are wonder in the days following Thanksgiving.  

My Thanksgiving will be spent with family and friends. The Thanksgiving activities start today. Yes, I know it’s not Thanksgiving yet, but a friend has a special Thanksgiving dinner for a select few before Thanksgiving so it doesn’t interfere with normal family festivities. I’ve always had several invitations to be included in family celebrations. I am truly a blessed man. 

Some have not so good memories of family Thanksgivings, but I can’t remember a single bad one in our family. I know it’s hard to believe, but then maybe the bad ones I just choose not to remember.

I did have one Thanksgiving that bordered on bad but turned out good. The dinner was being prepared at my house by my wife. She was an awesome cook. We had about 15 people at the house. My wife was also a very emotional and sensitive person. About halfway through preparing the dinner, she was too overwhelmed with it all and locked herself in the bedroom and wouldn’t come out. It turned out to be the best ever Thanksgiving dinner. The guests pitched in and completed the dinner. A great time was had by all. Even my wife had a good time when she eventually came out of the bedroom. I’ve learned that seemingly bad situations can turn out to be good memorable ones.

I truly hope all have the best Thanksgiving ever.  May the food be delicious, the leftovers be even more so, and the conversations be encouraging.

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