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 BELLEVILLE, Wis.- Without plumbers we’d all be in deep you-know-what. Thankful for plumber ingenuity and for making its Longtail T® famous, Wisconsin-based retailer Duluth Trading Company is saluting plumbers with a “Hug a Plumber ” campaign and contest in honor of National Plumber’s Day on April 25. Duluth Trading, whose Longtail T is three inches longer than an ordinary T-shirt and stays tucked in “back there” when you bend or crouch, is searching for heroic plumbers throughout the U.S. who deserve a little recognition and a hearty heaping of Duluth Trading workwear.

Between now and April 8, customers and website visitors can share their plumbing success stories and nominate their favorite plumber for top honors via hugaplumber@duluthtrading.com. Duluth Trading will feature the winner on its website and reward a $250 gift certificate to both the winning entrant and their heroic plumber. It gets better – the triumphant plumber will also receive a lifetime supply of Longtail Ts and a super secret prize to be revealed at www.duluthtrading.com on National Plumber’s Day, April 25. And, Duluth Trading will include a free “Hug a Plumber” bumper sticker inside every order that ships from its warehouse beginning in mid-April.

As Duluth Trading points out, most of us never think about plumbing because we just don’t have to. But, without the highly skilled men and women of plumbing, there would be no flush toilets, hot showers or freedom from squalor. “Over the years we have had a lot of fun with plumbers and our Longtail T, and we think it’s high time that plumbers are recognized for their tremendous contributions and craft,” says Stephanie Pugliese, senior vice president for Duluth Trading Company. “After all, the problem plumbers and other hard working people suffer inspired our Longtail T, and now Duluth fans everywhere get to enjoy extra inches of backside coverage.”

With more than one million sold since it launched in 2002, the Longtail T features side seams to keep it from twisting, generous sizing for workday needs, smooth taped neck and shoulder seams, and a pocket large enough to hold a cell phone. The tee comes in 18 varieties, including short-sleeve, long-sleeve, sleeveless, pocket, no-pocket, henleys, 100 percent performance, and new trim fit. There’s also a Longtail for the ladies – with an added two extra inches. What’s not to love?

On Plumber’s Day, Duluth Trading will feature several ways to celebrate plumbers at www.duluthtrading.com, including the availability of a limited edition “Hug a Plumber” Plumber’s Day Longtail T® for $19.50 and a Plumber’s Day only promotion – buy two Longtail Ts or more (regularly $16.50), receive each for $14.50. The festivities also ratchet up at the Duluth Trading Flagship Store in Mount Horeb, Wisconsin, beginning 4/25 thru 5/1.

For more lore, humor, specials, and, coming soon, tips on the Right and Wrong Way to Hug a Plumber, go to www.duluthtrading.com/plumbers.

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About Duluth Trading Company
Duluth Trading Company was founded in 1993 by two tradesmen brothers tired of making do with inadequate job site equipment. Their first catalog included just nine tool organizers, all field-tested for practicality by grizzly construction guys and hard-as-nails tradesmen. Since then, Duluth Trading has expanded its offering to include hundreds of unique, tough, functional workwear products, tool and car organizers and gotta-have gadgets. Recently, Duluth Trading has introduced and retooled its women’s workwear line, building on the durability, functionality, and unique usefulness built into its men’s line.

Duluth Trading’s adherence to authenticity and commitment to craftsmanship is evidenced in the products. Men’s workwear is designed and tested by the Duluth Trades Panel and the women’s line is tested and approved by the Duluth’s Real Women Test Panel. All panel members have hands-on occupations who know a good – or bad – product when they see one. Signature products include the Longtail T ® (the cure for “plumber’s butt”), men’s Ballroom Jeans (with a comfy crotch gusset for crouching without singing soprano), and exclusive Fire Hose® Workwear (made from tough but soft cotton canvas inspired by the kind that once protected actual fire hoses). Duluth Trading Company is located in Belleville, Wisconsin, and opened its flagship retail store at 100 West Main Street, Mount Horeb, Wis. in November 2010.

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