Three Generations of Ripple Afghans

Reader Contribution by Erin Baldwin
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I started crocheting several years ago. I learned one stitch from watching YouTube videos and have made dozens of wonky looking scarfs that no one wants to wear. Nonetheless, I find the act of crocheting to be extremely relaxing.

I had always wanted to learn to crochet ripple afghans. I have two ripple afghans in our home; one made by my grandmother and one made by my mom. I’m pretty sure that both are as old as me.

Earlier this year, I finished my first actual project and created a grey and purple lapped-size ripple afghan for my daughter. I found a YouTube tutorial that broke each stitch down into easy to follow steps and it just seemed to click. Line after line of stitches lined up perfectly to create a usable finished piece. It is heart-warming to have three generations worth of afghans draped across the couch.

Although my free time to crochet has dwindled slightly with all the chores that summer brings, I have found time to completed a couple more blankets. It is just as exciting to finish each new one as it was the first.

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