County Fair Fun

Reader Contribution by Connie Moore
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While working at a county fair can be exhausting, an air of energy seemed to surround us each of the eight days we attended the Clark County Fair in Springfield, Ohio, in July. Covering numerous events for our local newspapers gave Doug and me a closer look at many beautiful projects. We also decided to try our hand at a few.

A Taste of the Unexpected cooking contest was right up my alley. I made deep chocolate brownies with barbecue sauce and red bean paste frosting. It won fourth place and cash.

The county pie contest is a big event each year. Pie crust must be made with lard. I’ve entered the contest for over 20 years and in the past have won or placed numerous times. This year I won the contest with a pecan pie. The best part about the whole thing is that the pies are auctioned off and proceeds go back into the building. My pie sold for $200. The highest bid ever given for a pie? $2,015. We here in Ohio take our pies seriously.

Our family recipe for Oatmeal/Pecan Picnic Cake won third place in the Any Dessert contest. Creamy frosting is always an eye-catcher.

Never having entered the Master Gardener area, Doug and I decided it was our year to try new things, specifically the Pick of the Garden Bouquet Contest. We gathered our bouquet the evening before, arranged it that morning, and wonthird place. We learned a lot from Master Gardener Becky Menozzi. We’ll try again next year for sure.

Most popular of all cooking contests was Anything Chocolate. We placed fifth with a chocolate red raspberry cake.

Of course, after every cooking contest, everyone gets to sample everything. What a way to enjoy the fair. I hope you can enjoy a day or two at your local county fair.

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