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courtesy Manna Pro

Chesterfield, Missouri – Manna Pro Products LLC is partnering with Andy Schneider, better known as The Chicken Whisperer™, to support the backyard chicken movement and make it easier for poultry owners to raise healthy and successful flocks. Schneider is the host of Backyard Poultry with the Chicken Whisperer™, a nationally broadcast radio show that welcomes special guests from around the nation to share their tips about raising poultry. He is also a frequent contributor to leading publications covering the backyard chicken movement, including Grit Magazine and Mother Earth News.

Manna Pro produces high-quality animal nutrition and care products for a broad range of species including chickens, ducks, geese and other gamebirds. As a company, Manna Pro’s mission is to support animal owners by serving as a trusted resource for nutritional products and advice. Manna Pro’s corporate focus and tagline – “nurturing life” – resonates with the “open air” lifestyle of people who see their animals not just as livestock, but as a part of their chosen lifestyle.

Manna Pro’s partnership with The Chicken Whisperer will enhance the information it offers to the poultry community through events, publications, website content and educational webinars, as well as through the Backyard Poultry with the Chicken Whisperer radio show.

“Manna Pro is known for its high-quality animal nutrition products, and The Chicken Whisperer is known for his extensive experience with flocks and practical advice for poultry owners,” says Jennifer Hojnacki, Manna Pro’s director of marketing. “Together, we will provide a convenient and consistent educational resource to help them nurture their flocks.”

With the recent proliferation of backyard flocks in urban and suburban neighborhoods, The Chicken Whisperer has developed a widespread following of poultry owners across the country. He appeals to people who are committed to a self-sustaining lifestyle and who want to eat locally produced foods, including eggs from their very own flocks.

“Manna Pro respects this growing movement, and understands how important these animals are to their owners,” Hojnacki says. “Our goal is to make this important information accessible to everyone that cares about the health and productivity of their flocks.” According to Hojnacki, a new key feature of the Manna Pro website will be an “Ask the Chicken Whisperer” interactive feature that allows flock owners to pose questions and receive reliable information about raising chickens.

The partnership, which began July 1, will include periodic guest appearances by Manna Pro nutrition experts on The Chicken Whisperer’s national radio show. In addition, Manna Pro will become the primary show partner of Backyard Poultry with the Chicken Whisperer.

Manna Pro is the manufacturer of several leading products for all classes of poultry, including Manna Pro Chick Starter (now available as both a medicated formula and also a new, non-medicated formula), Manna Pro Poultry Grit and Manna Pro Oyster Shell. Each of these fine products is available in convenient, re-sealable 5-pound bags, and can be found at retailers nationwide.

Other respected Manna Pro products – including the company’s signature brand, Calf-Manna®, the Super Horse® line of feeds, and Apple Wafers – have been used by discriminating horse owners for decades. For more information about Manna Pro or any of the fine products it manufactures, please visit the website.