Being Part of the Pull

There really is nothing quite like a good ol’ tractor pull to get the local redneck crowd fired up.  If you’ve ever been to one of these interesting events at a local fair or other venue your likely to find a tractor pulling a huge sled that has a mechanical weight which works its way forward putting more force and weight on the tractor pulling it.  The tractor pulls until it can’t go anymore and the distance is judged.  Now add in different size engines and class rating and you’ve got a tractor pull.

The one I attended was similar to this except for the small fact that instead of having a motorized sled. They had a large flat skid, and instead of a mechanical weight they used people!  How fun.  My daughter joined in the fun being “part of the pull” as they called it.  It was held on a local farm with people coming near and far to put their tractors to the test. 

What a way to spend a Sunday afternoon…sitting in my lawnchair, having a cold one, and cheering on the tractors.  This weekend at one of the regional county fairs they are having a combine demolition derby.  Now there would be something to see!! 

Published on Aug 30, 2011

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