A Rude Awakening

Reader Contribution by Lori Dunn
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My husband and I received a call at about 7:00 AM on Sunday morning, August 31st. It was from my mom. She said that my aunt and uncle would like me to come to their house this morning, to take some pictures for them.

Imagine yourself snuggled into your bed sleeping soundly. The time is 2:00 AM. All of a sudden, you are startled awake by a thunderous crash! It’s dark outside, so you can’t see anything. This is precisely what happened to my aunt and uncle. The noise was so loud; it brought my aunt right out of bed! I can imagine how I would be at this point, trying to clear the fog in my head so I could think clearly.

My aunt turned on some lights, and they started looking around. She found a piece of molding lying on the floor in their bedroom. It was very obvious something was wrong.

My uncle went out and turned on the outside lights to look around. He could see through a window that there was siding from their house lying on the ground. He went outside to get a better look. He could see more damage, and sent my aunt for a flashlight. Upon shining the light up onto the house, they could finally see the cause of the noise and damage.

There, sticking into their roof above their bedroom was a set of dual wheels off of the back of a truck! Apparently, the dual wheels from one side of the truck had come off while it was going past their house. Still rolling, they entered my aunt and uncle’s driveway, ramped up over the back of my aunt’s car, and landed in their roof!

At this point, they called the police. The police came and made a report, and then went to try and find where these wheels came from. They came back after finding that a milk truck driver had reported loosing a set of dual wheels off of the back one side of his truck. He did not know they came off when they did, and did not know exactly where they were. The police showed the owner of the truck where his wheels were!

My aunt and uncle were very fortunate. Later that afternoon, a wrecker came and removed the wheels from their roof. They are now in the process of having things fixed. My aunt’s car was damaged beyond repair. They are thankful though, that the car was sitting where it was. If it hadn’t been, the wheels would have come directly into their bedroom, and the outcome might have been very different. As it is, everything is fixable or replaceable, and they have an amazing story to tell!

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