Tracy Lynn

Tracy Lynn

Simple Living Country Gal

By Tracy Lynn

Tracy Lynn is a born and raised city girl that took the plunge into farm girl life just over 16 years ago. With no experience growing vegetables or raising animals, she turned to her favorite learning resource, the library, and read all she could on gardens, chickens, pigs, and goats.

After stumbling along, she finally found her groove and is living the life she was truly meant for. She now spends most of her spare time helping others realize their homesteading dreams.

“My goal is to teach others that they can have a homestead no matter where they live. A farm is not limited to dirt roads and rural areas. Gardens can happen on windowsills, back porches, even rooftops. All you need is a little dirt and the love of living off what you raise, make, or grow.”

You can find her hanging out at her blog, Simple Living Country Gal, on Facebook or Instagram