Susan Williamson

Susan Williamson

Country Musings

By Susan Williamson

“I love the land and the bounty it brings us.”

Having by choice almost always lived rurally, Susan writes about her “experiences with country living: animals, gardening, people” as well as being thrifty and a healthy lifestyle. She lives at Williamson Stables, surrounded by family, a garden of thriving squash, peas, herbs, berries, peppers, and greens, and plenty of animals: three horses (The General’s Rose [Zoey], Deuce, and Sheik), a barn cat (Rocky), a labradoodle (Remi), tons of birds, wildlife, and rabbits.

Her skills are numerous, from gardening and preserving a harvest, to caring for and training animals, to repairing machinery, to DIY projects and crafts. At the moment, downsizing is the focus on her farm, although she enjoys her productive land and the ability is gives her family to save money, live sustainably, and eat fresh — something that won’t be going away anytime soon!

To Susan, a homesteader is “anyone who attempts to some degree to live off the land,” and she certainly does just that.

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