Susan Berry

Susan Berry

Humble Homestead

By Susan Berry

Itzy Bitzy Farm was born out of perseverance. I am a native of Massachusetts, a 4th generation MA resident.  A few years of my life were spent living in the South and with my husband Don I lived on a 4 acre farm in North Carolina for 8 years.

Growing up in the suburbs of Massachusetts I had never grown anything other than a few flowers. My family was not into gardening and I never grew so much as a tomato. When we bought our house in NC a friend came to visit us during our first Spring in the house and said, “What are ya gonna do with your land?” We looked at one another then at him and said “Nothing”. He quickly encouraged us to farm a little of it, growing vegetables. He brought his tiller over and we tilled a 30′ x 30′ garden. After one year it became 75′ x 100′. The third year it became 1/2 an acre. By our 4th year we were farming 2 acres and donated 2,000+ lbs of harvest to community food programs. We kept enough veggies for the two of us to eat till the next season and sold some through our CSA that we started to pay for our seeds and farm supplies.  After 5 years of farming I discovered a community college that offered a program in Horticulture and I enrolled and completed the program obtaining my degree in Horticulture.

After 8 years we moved back to Massachusetts. We are living in a small cottage that has what is referred to as a postage stamp lot. Though I have not measured the lot I would guess it is about 1/8-1/4 of an acre, if you tilt your head a certain way. We are homesteading on less than 1/4 acre. It is my hope to share experiences, lessons learned, a few mistakes and success stories with all who have a desire to be more self sufficient by raising their own food.

Itzy Bitzy Farm is a hope, an inspiration, a refuge, a stepping stone. From a tiny seed, comes a bountiful harvest.

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