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Meg With Modern Roots

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By Meg With Modern Roots

Hi, I’m Meg with The foundation of Modern Roots is my journey for self-reliant living. Along the way I will provide financial information on the development of my property into a natural homestead of purposeful animal husbandry, gardens and an area to cultivate healthy food and lives for my family. My family and I live in central Minnesota, 45 minutes North West of the twin cities. A mother of three, I have sacrificed a career at this time in my life for the growth and development of my children. Though I think about work, retirement and me me me every day, the old adage “you have your whole life to work” gives me great relief in a warped way. In my way of morphing myself into the person I want to become, becoming self-reliant is a way of life that is not only rewarding but also enjoyable.

SELF-FOOD RELIANCEAs the quality of food decreases and the price of food increases, I have taken an interest in becoming self-food reliant. I love food and the millions of variations food has to offer. In order to cook and provide my family with the best quality and taste of those foods, my desire to become self-food reliant is an exciting journey for me.

While I stroll down the aisles of the grocery store or more appropriately – go as fast as I can to avoid my three little ones the ability to throw whatever they think we need in the cart – I find the realization that most items on the shelves are linked to one thing, corn or some boiled down restructured version of corn that most of us cannot even pronounce, hard to swallow. And we trust that our healthy food choices on those shelves are in fact healthy. Unfortunately for many and most products, that is the furthest from the truth.

The demand for healthier foods is certainly on the rise. Its finding the outlets that have the options to buy free range and organic yet avoiding the hefty price tags that come with them. When I was growing up, I knew nothing other than what people now call “organic.” My mom has always had chickens (egg and meat), vegetable/fruit gardens, compost piles, and four kids to use for child labor. Many of us grew up with this natural way of providing our own food. However, this has significantly changed over the past ten to fifteen years. A select few food providers control our food and crops so essentially we are purchasing like products, just a re-arrangement of chemical breakdowns.

My ideas and thoughts for food reliant living are even more driven from the corrupt assembly line meat production operations but my focus is more on what I am doing to provide a means for my family to eat the healthiest, most pure food available. For me, the self-gratification that I made something from earth or animal to table while working with nature instead of against it is quite rewarding. I also believe it is necessary to support small farmers within the communication stream to make it easier for those that want to purchase natural products.

This is my journey to self-food reliance.

FINANCEWhile self-food reliance is all great, everything comes with a price. From animal husbandry to development of gardens, financial analysis and documenting actual pricing is just as important to me. Knowing what the current pricing of like food and what I am saving is critical to the analysis of my efforts. My background entails an MBA in Finance, Certificate in Finance, and a BSBA emphasis in Project Management. If anything, I am going to analyze the crap out of this quality homesteading.

I enjoy helping others with financial questions and the understanding of financial analysis/budgets. Food reliant living is just one of the several stops along my better living quest. Through assessment of my own financial well-being, budgeting and other tools and tips I have acquired over the years it is gratifying for me to share the knowledge.

RECIPESWith all the awesome stuff I will be growing and harvesting, it would be cruel not to share the recipes, pictures and good eating!