Kathy Petersen

Kathy Petersen

All About Kunekune Pigs

By Kathy Petersen, Virginia KuneKunes

Living and writing in Virginia, Kathy Petersen plans to focus on KuneKune Pigs in her blog posts. In fact, her homestead is called Virginia KuneKunes, and she hopes to promote and educate consumers on the many benefits of raising KuneKunes.

Kathy will also focus her posts on sustainable agriculture, livestock, business solutions, marketing, social networking, SEO (search engine optimization), and website development. On her to-do list are projects relating to the KuneKune breed: raising awareness of the breed, exploring the history of KuneKunes, educating new and current owners about the breed, introducing farmers to the breed, and open a professional business service and support company for livestock breeders.

When asked what prompted her move to the country, Kathy says, “I love animals and have since I was a small child. Picking up strays all over our neighborhood did not do well with living in a neighborhood. Raising Australian Shepherds for 10 plus years is not well-suited for life in the city, and my love for them prompted our move to the country where we have/had chickens, horses, dogs, cats, and KuneKune Pigs.”

Currently, Kathy and her family share the Virginia KuneKunes homestead with seven cats (Zoey, Rascal, Jax, Patches, Ringo, Whiskers and Callie), seven Australian Shepherds (Tucker, Austin, Emma, Sandy, Emily, Shooter and Ruby), and 18 KuneKune Pigs (Callister, Midnight, Delilah, Sampson, Hamilton, Matthew, Sassy, Kari, Mia, Patsy, Maleon, Tabitha, Tosha, Zorro, Rona, Gina, Betsy and Chrissy). Several of their Australian Shepherds are International/National Show Champions and UKC Champions. And you might surmise that her primary “country” skill is animal husbandry.

A “homesteader” to Kathy means: ” Homesteading is a way of life, a back to basics desire to live life in a simplified manner with integrity, hard work and rewards in accomplishments.” And her philosophy on country life? ” Country life is about a simpler life for us where hard work reaps great rewards and where enjoying nature takes a priority in our lives.”

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