James White

James White

From the Ground Up

By James White

Gardening and writing in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, James White plans to focus his blog on healthy and sustainable living, with a bit on home improvements and construction thrown in for good measure.

Currently James and his wife, Alicia, are at the end of planning their garden, with ways to make it easier to water and to include a hugelkultur bed (a way to compost that uses raised beds built on top of decaying wood debris and other plant material).

He says their to-do list includes a number of items. “We eventually would like to start raising chickens or ducks and maybe even expand enough to use our garden to feed the neighboring families. A few of them have expressed interest in helping to expand the garden and take their turn caring for it to get a share of fresh vegetables. We would also like to start an orchard.”

James says he grew up with a garden, so “when we bought our first house it was only natural to start an organic garden.”

What’s planted in that garden?

“Haha a lot! We have the basic vegetables and herbs, but each year we do choose a few unique vegetables or edible flowers to grow. We hope to grow sunflowers this year as well.”

He defines a homesteader as living “off your own land in every sense. This includes using all your natural resources to make a self-sustaining life for your family.”

James lists his country skills as organic gardening, cooking, green building (meaning he knows a lot about heavy machinery), and DIY home improvements.

And the Whites’ philosophy on country life?

“God asked us to take care of this world, and I believe country life is at the core of that command. It’s hard to put into words the satisfaction you receive from living off what God naturally provides.”

Contact James through his personal blog, Homey Improvements, or via Twitter.