Faithful Homesteader

Faithful Homesteader

Faithful Homesteader

Calling North Texas home, the Faithful Homesteader plans to share with her readers what’s happening on her homestead, with her chickens or in her garden. She also will share facts and opinions about a healthy lifestyle.

She says the current project is a heartbreaker. “Our garden was devastated by recent flooding. We are working to salvage this year’s garden by planting for a third time.”

On the to-do list: “We have a pond that we are working on improving; we are looking to get one or two more chickens for our flock; we need to paint our house; and we’ll be preserving food from the garden.”

She and her family wanted better air quality and a safer area in which to live. “We are semi-rural, and we also wanted a simpler pace and less traffic.”

“I see a homesteader as someone wanting to live a simpler lifestyle with a goal of self-sufficiency,” she says when asked to define “homesteader.”

The family shares their homestead with two chickens, Buster and Keypone, and a cat named Abigail.

When asked about the garden, the Faithful Homesteader says “We would like to be as self-sufficient as possible and want to save money on our grocery bill.” Their garden currently holds green beans, blackberries, squash, okra and sunflowers.

The Faith Homesteader lists her country skills as taking care of chickens, gardening, cooking, baking bread and nature photography.

And her philosophy on country life?

“I just want to live a simple life,” she says.

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