Bobbi Peterson

Bobbi Peterson

Living Life Green

By Bobbi Peterson

Bobbi moved to the country, because some of her fondest childhood memories were there.Born in a suburban rural area, she grew up playing in fields and running through the woods. Now she writes about sustainability and the environment, not to mention gardening, minimalism, and other homesteading skills.

Gardening is a big part of her renewed country life. “When I was little I remember having a huge vegetable and flower garden. My dad planted a bunch of sunflowers in our yard with separate rooms and set up my swing set and playhouse so that when I went down the slide I would end up in the sunflower house. That and eating green beans right from the garden are some of my fondest memories as a kid.” In her own garden, Bobbi is working on the creation of some raised beds to put to use in the spring. She’s also planning an expansion, looking to clear out some of her yard to make more room for her tomatoes, beans, potatoes, and the new produce she wants to try and grow!

“I would define a homesteader as anyone who is willing to work towards a more sustainable and simple lifestyle; someone who works hard to learn how to do things on their own as much as possible. Country life is a life to be proud of, one where families and friends work together and take pride in that work. Life is a little slower, but much more rewarding.”

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