The World is Full of Wonder

Reader Contribution by Joan Pritchard
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My nature class is held at Great Plains Nature Center. Early yesterday we watched a doe graze near the center. This morning as we went out for a field walk, her fawn, hidden in the grass, suddenly went into a panic, leaped into the pond water and swam across the small area, calling for mom. She was nearby and met the baby quietly and stood nuzzling her for several minutes. I realize these pictures don’t even begin to tell the story, but it truly touched me to have seen it.

The world is so full of wonder. How did that baby know the direction to go to find its mother? How did it know how to swim in its few days of life? How did that mother know she could safely nuzzle her baby for a number of minutes and we would do her no harm?

The world is full of wonder. And today I was right in the middle of it.

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