The Vigorous Vole

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In Eastern Idaho this year, we have been inundated with an overabundance of voles in the fields, pastures and yards. Their population was so numerous that I was actually seeing them in broad daylight. Because of their excessive numbers this year, I thought they should inspire me to something, so this little jiggle is what transpired. A word to the wise for others with vole problems, keep grass killed from the base of young trees this summer; in return the voles will be less likely to eat the tender bark off your trees next winter. A girdled tree will die.

The Vigorous Vole

It’s a little gray vole.

Nope, not a mole.

Busy digging a hole,

When the night’s black as coal.

By morning he’s taken a toll,

On my lawn at each knoll;

Dirt raised into a roll,

Enough grass to fill a bowl.

His habits are less than droll.

To be rid of him is my goal.

Well, bless my soul,

I just saw another vole!

damage by voles | photo courtesy Living, Learning, Sharing…